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This is the message from God to the “River Church” pastor Dante Gebel

The pastor Ricardo Salazar predicted the destruction of one church recently opened in Anaheim (Los Angeles-California)

On past Sunday, April 24, 2015; it was open in Los Angeles the most big and beautiful amphitheater of the Spanish-speaking church of the united states, as it was describe by the owner of the church, the famous Christian comedian Dante Gebel, who also brightly conducts a TV program called “Dante Night Show”, where he was able to show his true humorous vein.

This church has experience a rapid growth, respect to the presence of families that assist to the place, because of the message of happiness, generous in blessing and full of prosperity promises, from a God that is “not a debtor of anyone”. That’s how he was able to accomplish this huge work, with the economic income of the faithful that have bet on a God that won’t miss in compensate them for their love for him, for the money in cash translate to improvement in their jobs and enterprise.

10570422_911000522259843_1463302291331831406_nThe pastor Ricardo Salazar went to the crystal cathedral in 3 different occasions during 2011 and in one of them, he try to deliver a message from God to the pastor Gebel, who I was beginning to know through TV programs broadcast by Telemundo and I took the occasion to request a more privately meeting, far more than a simple hand shake in the church, something that never happen, claiming that he “didn’t eat with everyone”, on top of that, that precisely day of march, he was celebrating his wedding anniversary next to his wife – also a pastor- Liliana, and they were planning a romantic dinner that day, despising the visit made by the Peruvian pastor, from the country of the rising sun (a distance of 20,000 kilometer from that place), a nation I reside from 91’. Although, as it’s say in the scripture “you don’t reject me, but the one who send me”, say Ricardo Salazar.

A big river that would never stop.

11108215_10153171192815236_8805655072176412508_nThat’s the church slogan and to a certain point result almost prophetic, because far from having a blessing character, it’ll be more than a description of what’s going to happen in that place in 2016, when in May of that year triggers the worse seismic catastrophe know in human history, where the sea will go out, the san andres fault will broke los angeles in pieces, to finally be Russia the one who enters that nation, not before they destroyed first with nuclear bombs, according to what the pastor Salazar unveiled in 2014.

One could understand that we are facing one of the greatest charismatic pastor, responsible for losing the flock? As it’s prophecies by the scriptures and so many souls, not only the ones that goes to the “miraculous” enclose of “River Arena”, but the millions that have the Argentinean humorist as a reference of holiness in the social networks, who have believe the sweetened message predicted every Sunday after Sunday by the humorist Dante Gebel. All indicate that his destiny will be mark, unless that something happen and wake him up from his error, because if he were someone who truly listen to God, why he would be silent about the imminent judgment that will come to earth in the form of an asteroid? Something that until the moment the government of the united states knows and in the meantime has been driving this manner very cautiously to avoid disturbance like the ones recently – for less motive- in Baltimore or, is that God don’t listen to this pastor?

dante y yo somos amigosSo in 2013 the Argentinean pastor blocks on Facebook the Peruvian pastor, not before he said: I’m not responsible in from of God if I’m closing you a “great blessing door”. Sadly the door that was close, was not one of the pastor Ricardo Salazar, instead was the same Gebel, because until now he’ll wonder, for what reason the advance conversation he had with the powerful TV networks CNN stop, where should have come out his program “Dante Night Show”, and not on an incipient cable channel in Miami; looks like “America TV” forgot that God was in the business and that the Argentinean pastor, who told sarcastically to the pastor of japan, that he would not be responsible in from of God –and so it was- Will he take seriously the prophecy of Ricardo Salazar or will he underestimate the prophecy once again?

This is the message from God to the “River Church” pastor, a church that will flee terrified when is all too late in 2016:

So say the spirit:

“I love you and I’ll never stop loving you my little (Dante). I rise you up but now I repent, you stole me the glory. You have twisted your path and are your dreams and not mine the one you put for worthy. Just like on April you raised a temple for me, in 12 months it won’t be any stone upon stone on that place. Give warning to my people and tell them to search my face so I can extend my mercy to them and so to you. The great nation you are in right now will be teardown by the sound of the trumpet and by the bottomless pit that will open, Gog and Magog will own that place, you have no time, next year will be too late, I extend my mercy to you once again. You’ll run away from that place on a boat with your family, they will not hear from you the ones that are fallowing you right now. Some of yours I will take by your own mouth. Ask me for confirmation, I have confirmation for you. You are in my hands”

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